How to find best Youtube tags list and rank no.1?

What are Youtube tags?

Before talking about best Youtube tags list let’s clear what are YouTube tags? YouTube tags are actually the backbone of your video you want to rank. As if you ever heard about optimization of keywords, tags works like the same. Whenever you upload a video on YouTube and set up the description and more you will see a box just under the description. These are tags that telling the subject and topic of your video to YouTube viewers.

Where you can find best Youtube tags list?

There are no. of tags finder tools are available on Google like- YTUBETOOL, KEYWORDTOOL.IO which helps you to find best tags related to your video. But I will give you the best tool’s suggestion that you can easily use and customize. Name of that tool is vidiq. YouTube creators like me and millions of more are using this tool because this is a particularly made for YouTube search engine.

You can go to vidiq’s official website and make one account. Just login with the email id which belongs to your YouTube channel, connect your YouTube account with vidiq and you can see many extra insights apart from best Youtube tags list like-

  • Your competitor videos
  • Their tags, views and more.
  • Duration of views per Sec/Hour
  • Twitter account followers
  • Facebook stats and more.
vidiq dashboard preview

Pro Tip- To get perfect results with this tool just add VIDIQ  official Google extension. This will help you more efficiently and helps you to optimize your video with thousands of stats on the go. Major benefit of Google extension is that whenever you upload a video on YouTube, it will suggest you the best youtube tags list as accordingly to the video’s topic, the character limit of title/description and more.

How to use tags for excellent results?

Now, we are ready with our best YouTube tags list but how to use it? This is a very common mistake between all the beginners that they upload the whole tags list that they got from their research. But, if we think about it technically, YouTube is also a search engine. If we will 20 to 30 tags (Example below) with various phrases it will get confused and your video will go out of the top ranking list.

How to use youtube tags for excellent results

Pro Tip- Always use your first tag which relates to your video’s keyword. For example, if the title of your video is “best banks for a house loan and how to apply for a loan” Your fist tags would be “best banks for house loans” This will clearly indicate the search engine, that your video is about best banks for house loans. This will definitely help you to rank on the no. 1 page.

How to use youtube tags for excellent results

I hope this article will help you to rank your youtube videos on the first page of search results. If you have any doubt please feel free to as in the comment section. See you guys in the next informative article. Thank you for your time.

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