Become a successful Blogger in 2019

Nowadays, Everybody wants to become a blogger but how? Blogging is actually a backbone of every Digital marketing entrepreneur. If you want to Become a blogger in 2019 just follow our steps and add your name into the list of most successful bloggers on the internet.

Its actually a very sad part of our industry that more than half of the bloggers on the web doesn’t even have 3000 visits monthly on their blog and i just want you to be aware about the steps that you should follow or not.

So, Just quickly get to the topic and be ready to become a blogger in 2019.

20 Tips to Become a successful blogger in 2019

Become a successful Blogger in 2019
Follow these 20 steps to becom a successful blogger in 2019

A brief explanation of each point

1.)Write your articles with 2000+ words

You know we are here for the purpose of blogging. Successful blogging means successful blog! So, according to the google’s policy and recent research of our team we find that the blog posts with more than 2000+ will rank higher than the others.

As you can see the graph, blog posts will rank much higher if you will write your content with more than 2000 words. The more you will make efforts, the more your blog will rank high.

2.)Publish a blog post at least once a week

Regularity! Yes, this word contains only 10 alphabets but, this is the biggest reason behind every successful person. To become a successful blogger in 2019 you have to publish a blog post once a week (for part-timers). If you are full time to use just research ideas and try to post daily for more quick results.

3.)Learn basic SEO to rank high

The next step is to learn some basics of SEO. SEO is actually a very pivotal part for your blog. To learn Search engine optimization I recommend you some of the sources like-

If you are using WordPress, I recommend you to just set your website and quickly install yoast plugin. This plugin has each and every single feature to rank your blog quite easily and the best part is that this is totally free!

4.)Don’t use copyright images

Don’t use copyright images from google or any website directly. According to the Google policy, you cannot use other person’s stuff on your property. So, what I recommend you guys to use They provide high-quality stock images with a licence to use.

5.)Write unique and quality content regularly

If you are serious about blogging then take this pivotal step in your mind. Always write unique and quality content regularly. As you know you are writing to your users and supporters. If You are providing quality to them that’s why they are here to read your articles. Keep maintain it regularly.

Do check your content plagiarism before publish it. plagiarism free content rank more higher than others and also being respectable towards the Google’s policy.

Also readFree online plagiarism checker|100% reliable

6.)Always check your grammar accuracy

This step is also very important. Because if you are representing your articles in English language or any language, in fact, language’s grammar must be accurate. I will help your audience to find the meaning of your lines quite easily. I recommend you to use Free Grammarly extension.

7.)Be super active on social media

Social media is actually a heartbeat of every blogger these days. As per the research chart, Facebook has 2234 Million active users on monthly basis. As there are 19 more on the list with billions of active users monthly. Just make your brand pages and these sources and be super active to promote your stuff.

Monthly active users on social media (in millions)
Monthly active users on social media (in millions)

8.)Avoid long paragraphs

Just avoid long paragraphs as it is very important for your user’s reading experience. I recommend you to write maximum 4 lines in your one para and after completion of 4 lines just press enter and shift down towards a new one.

9.) Use regular caching to speed up your blog

Caching is actually a very important part for any website. Firstly, we will talk about what is caching? As we all know when we add a new post or content to a new page it includes no. of images, text, infographics any many more things.

when a user comes to a website and clicks to open up a website, its stores’ many files in the back-end. That’s the reason why website server goes down and effects the page load time.

Now, caching is a good process to resolve this problem. Whenever a new user comes to your website cache plugin makes a copy of your pages to the server (of nominal size).

Now, if a user comes back or any new user will click your website server shows that same copy to the user instead of the original page that takes time to load. It helps to boost up your WordPress website speed.

Here is the list of some good plugins-

  1. WP Super Cache
  2. WP Fastest Cache
  3. wp rocket
  4. Comet Cache
  5. Cache Enabler

10.)Don’t use Long Tail Headings

Don’t use too long headings or subheadings. Actually, This is not a necessity because sometimes we have to use long tail headings according to the topic. But I recommend you to try some short synonyms to short your headings length. Shorts headings looks more catchy and engaged.

11.)Use HD Quality Images

Always use HD Quality images to your article for better audience attention. But, I know you might be thinking that “If we will use HD images then what about the size?” yes, I recommend you to just get your free stock images and just compress them online. convert them under 100kb and just use.

12.)Reply to all the Comments

To become a successful blogger in 2019 you have to be super active towards the comments you got. Just check your WordPress dashboard regularly and reply all the comments as quickly as you can. This makes a humble effect on your audience that author is reading their thoughts.

13.)Work on your user’s Suggestion

Replying all the comments is not enough. You should follow all the suggestions that your audience providing to you. Just reply them in a humble tone and appreciate their respective suggestions. It will help you to create a fruitful relation between you and your readers.

14.)Don’t use Multiple Ad Networks

When it comes to the earning part of your blog I always recommend people not use multiple Ad networks. If you want to make a decent amount from your blog always go with Google Adsense. Because Adsense is a product of Google itself and it is the biggest ad network that marketer uses to promote their business.

There are many other big ad networks are available on the internet like infolinks, propeller ads etc. Don’t combine any of these ad networks. This will ruin your audience reading experience and also effects the user policy of both ad networks.

15.)Keep the Design of your blog clean

Always check your design as a first-time visitor and improve flaws. Just keep your sidebars with limited content. Don’t use too many featured images. check your categories, menu and more. The main motive between this that when a user visits your website they can easily find what they are looking for.

16.) Use Tags Before Publishing your post

Tags are a very important part of your blog posts. Whenever you published a blog post with relevant tags or you can say the keyword. It will let google and your users know what topic you are covering. So always use tags which can help your post to be found quickly.

17.)Always be Friendly to your Readers

In the world of the internet, everybody has their rights to review your product or blog. You will find millions of people who will love your content and several will not like it at all. Don’t be panic, reply to their comments with a humble tone that if they not like like your article you will improve it from next time and make them happy. Just be friendly with your audience.

18.)Grow email list for more Engagement

Email-marketing is a part of SEO. As we discussed earlier the power of social media. Like that email-marketing is also a big asset to engage your audience. If you are just at the beginning of your blogging journey I recommend you to use mailchimp.Their service is totally outstanding.

Mail chimp provides you 2000 subscribers list in just free of cost, So, just start collecting e-mails and grow your audience engagements.

19.)Always provide the conclusion of your post

At the end of your articles always provide a conclusion of your post that what you will be getting after this. You can add post disclaimer in this and provide a humble thanks to your readers to visit at your blog and read the article.

20.)Make contact us, Disclaimer and privacy policy page

This is the last and very major point of this article. Always make easy for your audience to contact you via contact us page. Make a Disclaimer and privacy policy page for better security of your blog and the respective audience. If you finding any type of issue to make these pages just take our all pages as an example.

So this was the major 20 steps to become a successful blogger in 2019. If you have more ideas I will love to see them in the comment section. Just share your thoughts and help your own union. Best of luck!

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