About us

About us

Hello friends, welcome to your own blog Advice Union. A Blog about almost every topic either it will be Digital marketing, Earn money online, sports and many more. I start this website to help you people by sharing my knowledge and experience.

About Blog & Author

Advice Union is my dream blog. Here on my blog, I share articles about almost every field. Don’t worry I know that you might be thinking that every person has their own key of interest and knowledge base to share then how can I share articles about every topic? Before giving this question’s answer please Let me first introduce myself to you, My name is Simran Kamboj a professional web developer and Digital Marketer.

Being a Digital marketer I know the pros and cons of websites and user experience. so, every website has its own topic and field. But I want to start a blog where the user can visit and once and can find everything in one place. I know there are many websites are available on the internet like quora.com,yahoo!answers

But take these websites as my inspiration and support your own union, Advice union. you can find most of the posts relates to SEO, Digital Marketing, Technology Tricks and Earn money online. But my viewers are my first priority so, I am promising you that each article you will read on advice union will be twice verified and correctly provided.

But please remember that internet updates daily so, I can’t take guaranty about the updates and new rules across the web.


What is Simran Kamboj’s areas of interest and journey?

My journey is actually not achieved yet. But yes, there are many things which I achieved and much more are pending. I completed my BCA from patiala(Punjab) and then joined a company(Non related to my passion) in my own city. After some time I joined a company named as Eminence and working as an IT Manager. Difference between my recent job and my current job is that I was only working for somebody for some decent amount but, not learned anything.

Now, I start my youtube channel named as The samtalks-Hindi and have more than 1.5 k subscribers. I know it’s not that much but I start this channel and upload only 11 simple videos and we are growing day by day. The Key thing is that keep trying to continue the good work and always stay supportive.



For any concerns, information or help related to Blogging, Digital Marketing & SEO you can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]